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Melissa officinalis – Get all the Information and Important Facts

Melissa officinalis or Lemon Balm is the herb that is traditionally used for various cognitive purposes, majority of that are centered over improving cognition as well as reducing anxiety and stress. It’s well known to calm our nerves and relax our body. With regards to the subjective cognitive effects, lemon balm appears to be very effective in inducing calmness. It can manifest itself in the negative way as the healthy persons taking Lemon Balm before cognitive test seem to score much worse than the placebo on the reaction time & memory formation (related to sedation) when improving quality of the memories. Let us know how much lemon balm for anxiety is known to be healthy?

How to Take

Lowest active dose seems to be around 300mg, and the supplementation above the dose seems to confer the dose dependent effects though it isn’t reliable. Lemon Balm bioactives also can be consumed through tea and acquired through aromatherapy, though it is harder to quantify ‘right dose’ through both these methods. Are present, Lemon Balm seems to be well supported for inducing relaxation and calmness but other claims might require more research. The melissa sleep aid side effects and extract has some significant antioxidant activity, so for the people having cold sores, taking lemon balm in a form of lip balm can shorten your healing time, prevent spread of an infection, and decrease symptoms linked with the cold sores. Additionally, it is very beneficial for addressing cramps, headaches or toothaches; and used as insect repellant or treating insect bites. As the culinary herb, the oil and extract of lemon balm can be used to flavor your foods and beverages.

foods and beverages

It is available in:

Capsules, essential oil, teas, creams & ointments

Herb and drug interactions:

Lemon balm must be cautiously used in the combination with the sedative drugs in order to avoid any excessive sedation.

Safety concerns:

You need to avoid alcohol, because both together minimize sleepiness, and take caution when you are operating any heavy machinery and driving vehicle when using lemon balm.

When purchase:

Take standardized products from the reputable manufacturers, which conform to concentrations listed in the “Dosage”.


For the nervousness and digestive upset take around 60 drops of the tincture or 1 cup of tea over 2 times in a day, or as needed. To get good sleep, go for combination product that gives 80 – 150 mg of the lemon balm extract and 160 – 320 mg of the valerian root extract, take this before bed.

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