amazon suspension

Marketing tips for successful avoidance of getting Amazon suspension

The Amazon market is increasing everyday and along with it, the Amazon sellers are also increasing. There have been a lot of new sellers and a lot of third sellers have to work hard with other sellers in order to make their products stand out than the rest. It has now become necessary for the sellers to come up with some new marketing tactics so that they are able to attract customers.

There are certain basics of marketing which a seller should follow in order to increase the traffic as wellas the conversion ratesso as tonot get their amazon account suspended.

Keyword research and copyamazon suspension

If you are a seller on Amazon, thenyou need to index your keyword for a particular product. This index will keep Amazon updated with your product. So, when a customer searches using a certain keyword on Amazon, the search engine will use the keyword to look at the index of all the pages and would decide which page to show in the search results. There are a lot of other factors who goes into the search algorithm. These include conversion history and sales history. But the initiation is done with the keyword on the page of your product.

Before you create your products page’s copy, you need to do extensive research of the term which the customers use while search in order to find products like that of yours. You can start by creating short and relevant phrases to your objects. However, you should not fill up your titles with keywords.

Image optimization

The customers who buy online generally choose products based on the product images. So you have to choose a good image of your product so that it provides a similar experience to that of stores.  Since there is no other way to touch and feel the products, the customers are heavily dependent on the images that are provided on the product page. You need to provide high-quality images so that the customer feels confident while purchasing your products.

Amazon has the requirement of the first image of the product to be on a white background. The secondary images could be of any angle or background. It is better to provide product images from different angles, close-ups showing details and the features of the product.


Following these tips would certainly prevent your account from being suspended and instead help you in getting more traffic for your products.

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