What gets your heart racing? Perhaps a roller coaster ride with the loops that seem to go on forever? Or it could be the seconds before a major presentation with your boss? No matter what you find terrifying and nerve-wracking you know all too well that feeling of when it begins to creep in. One such moment of terror is with the movie Split. Like the title, it deals with a person dealing with a case of split personality. It’s a medical disorder where it’s as if two different people inhabit one body. Sounds crazy, right? Well, it gets even crazier when the movie makers dial up the extremities of the circumstances surrounding the film. If you want to view it yourself you can check out the film through ouchmovies.

It’s the Person You Least Suspect

One of the things that make the film surprising is how unassuming the antagonist looks. If you watch the movie through ouchmovies you’ll notice how he could be anyone – a neighbor, a colleague, or even a close friend. That’s why it makes it so much more surprising how suddenly he turns into this devilish villain. Thanks to the split personality, you don’t even know who is appearing on screen. Yes, it’s the same person technically, but one moment he’s a regular guy then the next he’s someone more scheming. I bet the major presentation with your boss doesn’t sound so scary right about now.

Fight of Your Life

The protagonist in the middle of the story is a young girl who was abducted and kept as a prisoner. It’s a common nightmare of a lot of people. Not knowing where you are or who captured you can give even the bravest person a sharp chill down their spine. Watching the movie, you’ll easily find yourself in the shoes of the girl. It’s as if you were really there. All the dangers she faces and the rays of hope she receives become that much more real. You feel her pain as if you were her. And that’s when you know that a movie is good when you no longer see yourself separate from the character. The moment you see yourself as that character is the moment the movie has gotten you. You can easily view the movie and form an opinion for yourself. Just don’t be surprised when you find yourself screaming from the surprises.