Many employers actually appreciate the efforts put in by the employees. However, there is sometimes a disconnect because employees do not feel like they are appreciated and this can sometimes be shown by their behavior. There are certain ways in which employers can use corporate recognition to get employees to feel better appreciated and recognized for their contribution to the success of the business entity.

Things to include when recognizing the efforts of employees

Be specific on which employee you are recognizing

Although group recognition works, recognizing the individual efforts of each employee impacts greatly on the individual. If you are recognizing a group effort, it is important to point out every member of that group to ensure each one of them feel special and noticed for their efforts. Individual recognition has a better impact than general group recognition.

Be specific on the role they played that deserves recognition

Employees perform different tasks. It would really make them feel good and motivated if you recognized the specific task which has earned them this recognition. This specificity will portray you as a keen employer who notices everything that goes on in your corporation even when you are no present all the time. This will encourage the employees who think your absence means you are not watching to put their act together and get the same recognition. For the employee that has been recognized, he will work harder to maintain the image the employers have of him.

Show your emotional side by saying how the performance made you feel

Employees want to see your human side occasionally. When they know you feel pride, respect and even disappointment, they will endeavor to bring out the best in you. If employees feel you are proud of their performance, they will want you to be more proud so they will work harder. If they earn your respect by working a certain way, then they will try to do that as often as possible.

Corporate recognition is not just about thanking employees for their performance. How you do it matters as well as a combination of this is what will be etched in the memories of the employees for a long time. They will always remember how their efforts made you feel.

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