Benefits of acquiring help from immigration lawyer

As how the things have changed each day, we can find the law also changed a while. US government is keen in updating the laws and the information stated. In that, one common and acceptable fact in US is same sex. Even we can find adequate numbers of online immigration lawyers, this article is all about the benefits acquired by the same sex couples with the new law launched over there. Stay tuned to know some shocking things.

Petition the spouse for Green card:

The lawful permanent residents and the US citizens involved in same sex married to the foreign national have the rights to file the petition to support the spouse on basis of family based immigration VISA. When it comes to green card and it eligibility, this is completely based on the validity of your married, and at no cost this can be denies on basis of same sex nature. As normal married, you can petition for Green card.

Take in the spouse as derivation on Green card application

If your motive is to apply for the US green card, there you can include your same sex spouse as the derivative. This is that much simple and you do not look for some other things. If your petition approved, you can legally bring the spouse and settle here. Denying you for the same sex married is not applicable here.

Easily claim the same sex spouse as qualify relative

If the same sex spouse has considered as inadmissible to US, there you are able to claim them as qualifying relatives. We all know the success does not happen naturally, as like you need to look at the rules to determine your law. It is not easy to claim same sex spouse as qualifying the relative.

All you need to do is find the right immigration service and file sue. Just have a look into the link, which I have mentioned here. You can also find some firms over internet, because internet is the place where you can acquire as much as you can.

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